Question- Which Scenario do You Prefer?



Did you know...

"Your Words Can Produce THOUSANDS of Emails Reporting That "YOU Just Made Another Sale" or They Can Fail Miserably Resulting in Little to NO Leads or Commissions"


-Regardless if you're promoting MLM programs, Direct sale offers, Affiliate offers, CPA offers, Mail-Order programs, List Building or Pitching the latest plugin, the ADCOPY you use
WILL make or break your entire campaign...PERIOD!



Which is kind of "Bad News" considering MOST people aren't Copywriters



From: Craig Wilson

To: Struggling Adcopy Writers/Marketers


Here's the deal-- Time is MONEY so I'm not going to waste yours by telling you my whole life story or filling you with truck loads of "HYPE" ...Nor am I going to insult your intelligence by showing you fake screen shots of flashy $200,000.00 cars, vacation mansions in the Maldives or private jets.


By the way, I own none of those...


I'm just a REAL guy that knows Online/Offline marketing, in fact I've learned SO much over the years I've likely forgotten more than the average person will ever learn. So you'll never get any slick "sales" talk from me...Yes, I'm selling a product here that creates an income for myself (that's no secret) BUT I truly wish to help my fellow marketers as well...I really do.

WHY else would I offer my real live phone number at the bottom? Fakers hide behind email addresses...I don't just talk it, I live it (OK good you've scrolled back up, please continue :)


I too DESPISE snake oil salesman, scammers and quick buck artists!

Which leads me into this-


AM I truly QUALIFIED to talk about using EFFECTIVE ad copy and "HOW" it can bring you a great deal of LEADS and SALES? Do I deserve YOUR attention and time?

I like to think so, I've written numerous sales letters and it's got to be in the 1,000's of ads since 1993 or so. I've learned from some of the BEST and I'm pretty good at what I do!

I've helped a great number of people with their own ads, I've mentored...I've done a little consulting, I've written solo ads (as a paid service) and LOTS of little in betweens :)


I know all the emotional "BUTTONS" to push that turn casual "skimmers" into BUYERS, I KNOW "how to" chip away at the psychological triggers that turn procrastinators into ACTION TAKERS and I know how to turn doubters into "Add to Cart" button hunters.




There is an (all too common) condition that PLAGUES 97% + of NEW & even some veteran MLM distributors and Internet Marketer's and it's known as "Flashing Cursor Syndrome"

F.C.S. as its known can afflict anyone at any time as it doesn't discriminate!


Every day somewhere in the world a new and EXCITED opportunity seeker joins a "HOT" new money making program. Many are filled with eagerness, but SCARED silly at the same time. There's a little RACE going on...a race inside their minds and against a ticking CLOCK.

(HERE'S THE SCENARIO)- Many times these eager beavers are starting off with an already limited marketing budget and NOW their credit cards have just been tapped.

As soon as they hit the "Pay Now" or "Join" button, the ONLY thing going through their mind is "I've got to at least break even as fast as possible now". "Now I've GOT to start running ads, writing blog posts, writing articles, making videos...something".


What do they attempt next?


They sit down and open up Notepad or a Word Doc and while that cursor is sitting there blinking as if it were saying, "OK I'm ready", nothing happens. OH dear, the dreaded WRITERS BLOCK has just occurred! In today's world of viral videos & social media, this is known as a "FAIL"


So,What went wrong?


NOW the anxiety sets in, they've got less than ZERO clue what to write or WHERE to even begin...The stomach pangs are gnawing at them like a pit bull chomping on a soup bone, can ya feel it?


TICK- TOCK -TICK -TOCK where's the progress? NOW, this other "inner voice" cruelly reminds them that they are in desperate NEED to make some money and they can't afford to hire a professional copywriter. On top of all that their spouse is once again breathing down their neck screaming "THIS one better work this time or you're getting a 2nd job!"


Can YOU relate??<--------


Having said that, ready for some GOOD NEWS?
"What? Did ya Think I'd Leave Ya Hangin' After That Build Up? Lol

I've created a product that can SOLVE your "Can't Think of Anything to Write" PROBLEM
And I've Made it "Gotta Have it NOW" Irresistible



OK Craig, YOU GOT ME! What exactly ARE you offering HERE?


I'm offering YOU the chance to get my GIANT collection of attention grabbing and curiosity creating subject lines AND pre written paragraphs that can SUPERCHARGE your content writing efforts!

I have 5 separate ad copy products to offer, but it's up to you if you wish to have 1 or all 5

TRUST ME... if you tend to "freeze up" right when you want to crank out some ads/content the MOST then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you take a look at what I'm offering

DON'T just take my word for it though! See what REAL PEOPLE have said about my information in these "unsolicited testimonials"

OH and when you see the prices you'll be pleasantly SURPRISED :)


**Your Mind is Going to be OVERFLOWING With Ideas**



How to use them

These are meant to be IDEA STARTERS. The content is geared towards the MLM, Home Business, Internet Marketing and Attraction Marketing Niche. What's so COOL is you can mix -n- match sentences to give you an almost infinite number of possibilities.

You can use these in your video scripts, blog posts, articles, inside PLR material, for your info products, in social media situations, for your sales letters, solo ads, postcards, fliers, business cards or WHATEVER!

All combined you're going to get ALLOT of stuff! I ONLY put things together that offer over the top VALUE. If I don't feel it's worth the money, I just don't sell it...PERIOD!! From Start to Finish, this is 100% HELPFUL GOODNESS w/ ZERO Fluff or Filler



WHY YOU Must Have This Collection (Especially) if you're not a "writer"

You may never be able to write enticing, engaging and effective blog posts and this is CRITICAL if you're hoping for your share of "Freebie" SEO traffic

Generating leads from your classified ads, solo ad campaigns or magazine ads will be tough without this, because you MUST know how to write in such a way that gets people to take action

You need a BIG selection of "unique" subject lines to pick from AND to create your own, because typical "Swipe Copy" is overused by 1,000's of marketers which dilutes YOURS...if NOBODY clicks your subject line that means nobody reads your solo ad you just PAID FOR and NO LEADS were generated which = No Sales :(

Your branding and attraction marketing campaigns can suffer, because if you never write anything enticing, entertaining, thought provoking, interesting, clever OR powerful, you won't ever gain the notoriety and the following you are seeking...that means missing out on HOT leads

You MUST capitalize on "first movers advantage" and QUICKLY get your ads online when a HOT new money maker comes on the scene. Those whose blog posts are appearing on Page 1 in the search engines FIRST are the ones who's sponsoring everyone, while stragglers pick up scraps

Folks, there's a GIANT amount of money to be made online, but you HAVE to know how to get it. Just like a fisherman uses the best bait or the BIGGEST net :) you've GOT to use the right words and I'm providing YOU with a TOOL to help do this




Thanks for reading



Craig Wilson
Got Questions?
Phone- 857-413-4744
Calls taken from 9am-9pm CST
Monday-Sat Only Please
Calls taken inside USA Only
Outside USA Please Email to:

craigwilsonmarketing [at]
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P.S. There's NO need to sugarcoat this and it's NOT complicated- If you want to make money with your business opportunities you've got to be able to use effective content or you won't make any sales.

P.P.S. When you're paying "good" money to run your ads you want to KNOW that you've got your most EFFECTIVE ones out there working for you!

P.S.S. Remember- Good AND Bad content travels at the speed of a "share" these days, WHICH ONE do you want out there forever?

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